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Upgrading Review Bot

Upgrading Review Bot Packages

From Review Bot 1.0 or Newer

Upgrading Review Bot is easy. You’ll just need to upgrade the extension, workers, and then make any necessary configuration changes.

Upgrade the Extension

To start, upgrade the extension on the Review Board server:

$ sudo pip install -U reviewbot-extension

Depending on your configuration, you may need to restart or reload your web server. The specific command depends on your individual setup, but is usually something like the following:

$ sudo service httpd reload

Open the Review Board administration page and click Extensions. You should see the new version of Review Bot installed.

Upgrade the Workers

You can now upgrade each worker.

If you have a manual installation, run:

$ sudo pip install -U reviewbot-worker

(If you’re installing in a virtual environment, don’t use sudo.)

Then follow the Upgrading Review Bot Configuration for any configuration changes you may need to make.

If you’re using our official Docker images, you can just switch to a newer tag and restart your containers.

From Review Bot 0.1 or 0.2

The configuration of Review Bot 0.1 and 0.2 worked differently than modern versions, so to start, make a note of all your settings.

Then you’ll need to uninstall the old extension on the Review Board server:

$ sudo pip uninstall Review_Bot_Extension

And then uninstall each worker:

$ sudo pip uninstall ReviewBot

Then follow the installation instructions to install a modern version.

Upgrading Review Bot Configuration

Review Bot 3.0 Configuration Changes

Deprecated Settings

The following configuration settings have been deprecated:

  • checkstyle_path

    The .jar file should now be specified as an item in a list in java_classpaths, keyed off by checkstyle. For example:

    java_classpaths = {
        'checkstyle': [
  • pmd_path

    This should now be specified as pmd in exe_paths. For example:

    exe_paths = {
        'pmd': '/opt/pmd/bin/pmd',
  • review_board_servers

    This has been renamed to reviewboard_servers.

Deprecated settings will continue to work until Review Bot 4.0.