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New in version 3.0.

FBInfer is a static analysis tool compatible with a large number of languages, and offering a wide variety of checks.

The following types of projects can be built using FBInfer:

  • Android

  • Apache Ant

  • Buck

  • C

  • CMake

  • Gradle with and without a Wrapper

  • iOS

  • Java

  • Make

  • Maven

  • Objective-C

  • XCode

Unlike many tools, this doesn’t operate on individual files.


This tool requires FBInfer to be installed on the system running the Review Bot worker. This is a large dependency, so make sure you have sufficient storage and RAM available.

See the FBInfer installation guide for installation instructions.


We do not recommend using the FBInfer Docker image with Review Bot. FBInfer will be run any time a change is posted or updated, and the Docker image is not suitable for this use case.


FBInfer Location

Review Bot will try looking for the infer command in Review Bot’s PATH environment variable. If it can’t be found, or a different name is used for this tool (such as run.sh), then you’ll need to specify the path in the Review Bot worker config file:

exe_paths = {
    'infer': '/path/to/infer',

You will need to restart the Review Bot worker after making this change.

Enabling Full Repository Access

This tool requires full repository access, which is available for Git and Mercurial repositories. Each repository you intend to use must be configured in the Review Bot worker config file.

See Full Repository Access for instructions.

Preparing Your Build Environment

Because FBInfer can run static analysis on a wide variety of projects, the source code will often require numerous external dependencies or compile-time flags.

Compile-time flags can be specified in the worker configuration (documented below), but you will need to install any dependencies on the worker.

It’s recommended that you set up the worker on a system which is already set up to build your software in order to ensure that the necessary build environment is available.

Enabling FBInfer in Review Board

First, you’ll need to add a Review Bot configuration in Review Board (see Tool Configurations).

The following configuration options are available:

Build system (required):

The build system used to compile the project. The following build system options are supported:

Android/Gradle with Wrapper:

Runs infer run -- ./gradlew

Apache Ant:

Runs infer run -- ant


Runs infer run -- buck build

Clang (C/Objective-C)

Runs infer run -- clang -c


Runs infer run -- cmake


Runs infer run -- gradle


Runs infer run -- javac


Runs infer run -- make


Runs infer run -- mvn


Runs infer run -- xcodebuild

Build target (optional):

The name of the target to build, if the build system needs one or is capable of building multiple targets.

For XCode, this will use xcodebuild -target <name>. For all other build systems, the target will be added after the build system command above.

XCode configuration (optional):

Any additional configuration options needed for the XCode build.

This is ignored for non-XCode builds.

This is equivalent to xcodebuild -configuration <configuration>.

XCode SDK (optional):

The name of an SDK to include for XCode configurations.

This is ignored for non-XCode builds.

This is equivalent to xcodebuild -sdk <sdk>.