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Search IndexingΒΆ

To enable full-text search indexing, first make sure you’ve installed PyLucene as per the installation guide.

You can enable search indexing by going into hte General Settings page and toggling Enable search. The Search index file field must be filled out to specify the desired directory where the search index will be stored. Usually this will be a directory under your site directory.

Now you will need to set up a scheduled command to run periodically to update the search index. On Linux or other Unix-based systems with cron, you can install the provided crontab file. This is available at conf/search-cron.conf under your site directory. For example, to install the crontab for the current user, type:

$ crontab /path/to/site/conf/search-cron.conf

Make sure the user with the crontab has permissions to write to the search index file you specified above, as well as the search index’s parent directory.

The default crontab will perform an index update every 10 minutes, and do a full index every week on Sunday at 2AM.

You will want to perform one full index before you can use this. To do this, type the following as the user who owns the cronjob:

$ rb-site manage /path/to/site index -- --full

For more information on generating search indexes, see the section on the Search Indexing management command.

Users should now be able to use the search box located on any page. See the documentation on Full-Text Search to see what types of things you can search for.