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Installing on WindowsΒΆ

We have stopped providing official support for Windows starting in Review Board 1.7. The last supported version for Windows was Review Board 1.6.

Windows has proven to be a considerable challenge to support. It is easy to end up with a subtly broken setup, due to so many different and incompatible implementations of Python and various Python modules.

These problems were beyond our control, and led too many users to believe Review Board was just too hard to install.

Linux is your best bet for a working, maintainable, and fast Review Board installation.

You can run Review Board inside a Linux virtual machine running on top of VMware ESXi or VMware Workstation Server.

If you want to try installing on Windows, you can try following our old installation instructions for Windows. We won’t be able to guarantee support, however.

Alternatively, we can host your Review Board server at RBCommons.