Today's release of Review Board 5.0.1 improves the new API tokens introduced in 5.0 and fixes a handful of bugs.

Improvements to API Tokens

In Review Board 5.0, we introduced new, stronger API tokens that could expire and be validated through automated tools.

To help transition to newer tokens, your My Account page will now highlight any API tokens using the older format automatically. Future releases of RBTools will also suggest upgrading your token if using the older format.

A Handful of Bug Fixes

We've fixed a handful of bugs in this release, including:

  • Inconsistent URI templates in the root resource API, depending on the version of Python being used.
  • Better errors when accessing a repository backed by an extension that failed to load.
  • Fixes for error messages when failing to authenticate with GitLab.
  • Small usability fixes in the Review Dialog and Log In page.

All the details can be found in the release notes.

We've also documented a known third-party issue in the release notes with using Single Sign-On with the new Python 3.11 release. If you're already using 3.11 in production, please take a look for instructions on working around this issue.