Today's release of Review Board 4.0.11 introduces new APIs for managing access control lists, new repository support needed for upcoming Cliosoft SOS improvements, and fixes a handful of bugs.

Repository Access Control List APIs

Repositories can be locked down to a specific set of users and groups, and now these ACLs can be managed programmatically via new Repository Group ACL and Repository User ACL APIs.

We introduced this in 5.0 Beta 2, and are now bringing this to 4.0.11.

Repository Improvements

We've made changes behind-the-scenes to support new repository features, which will first be used for upcoming support for communicating with Cliosoft SOS over SSH. That will be coming soon to Power Pack.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We've made several stability and performance improvements to:

  • SSH-based repository communication
  • Mercurial support
  • Site installation
  • API rate limiting

For the complete details, see the release notes.

Upgrading to Review Board 4.0.11

To upgrade to 4.0.11, we recommend specifying the exact version you want to install. For example:

sudo pip install -U ReviewBoard==4.0.11

This will be important once Review Board 5 is released.

Our official Docker images have also been updated for 4.0.11.