We have three new releases out today, all focusing on better compatibility and bug fixes.

Review Board 4.0.7

We've fixed issues all throughout the product, covering:

  • Compatibility fixes for ClearCase, GitLab, reCAPTCHA, and third-party extensions
  • Text editing improvements to better help you write code in comments
  • Better scaling for deployments with many Review Board servers and with thousands of repositories
  • Fixes for edge cases when rendering diffs

Our Docker images have also been updated to include support for Power Pack and Review Bot 3.

See the release notes for more on Review Board 4.0.7.

RBTools 3.1.1

This release fixes some regressions from the 3.1 release in rbt land and rbt patch.

It also improves support for IBM ClearCase and HCL VersionVault repositories, which is available through Power Pack.

See the release notes for more on RBTools 3.1.1.

Power Pack 5.0.1

This releases focuses on improving the support for IBM ClearCase and HCL VersionVault. Bugs for diff generation has been fixed and support for UCM workflows have been improved. If you're using legacy ClearCase support in Review Board, we recommend upgrading to the modern version in Power Pack for features like multi-VOB repositories, better compatibility, and official support.

We've also fixed issues running the Database Import/Export functionality in some environments. If you're using our Docker images, import-db and export-db should now work fine.

Power Pack supports additional repositories like Cliosoft SOS and GitHub Enterprise, PDF document review and diffing, Reports for your teams and organizations, and more.

See the release notes for more on Power Pack 5.0.1, or download a 60-day trial license to get started!