Cliosoft SOS is an enterprise source code management solution widely used for hardware and software design and development. It's built to allow teams across the globe to collaborate on large hardware-focused projects.

We’ve partnered with Cliosoft to bring support for SOS to Review Board. You can now connect your SOS projects to Review Board as repositories, post code from local workareas using RBTools, and review them using Review Board’s collection of code review capabilities. This includes issue tracking for comments, moved code detection, multi-line commenting, interdiffs, file attachment review, and more.

SOS support is available as of today’s releases of Power Pack 5 (our licensed add-ons for Review Board) and RBTools 3.1 (our developer command line tools).

Along with SOS support, Power Pack provides PDF document review/diffing, team collaboration reports, database import/export, scalability enhancements, and support for several additional source code management solutions.

Compatible Releases

SOS support requires the following minimum versions on the Review Board server:

And on developer machines:


Power Pack is a licensed product. Licenses can be purchased by credit card or Purchase Order, and can cover as many or as few Review Board users as needed for SOS.

You can get started with a 60-day trial license.

Please note that this is separate from your SOS license.

Learn More

See our SOS workflow guide to learn how to post changes to Review Board, and our repository setup guide to learn how to connect Review Board to SOS.

To learn more about today’s releases of Power Pack 5 and RBTools 3.1, see the Power Pack release notes and RBTools release notes.