Review Bot 2.0.1: Ready for Review Board 4.0

Today's release of Review Bot 2.0.1 offers compatibility improvements for Python 3 and the upcoming Review Board 4.0.

If you're planning to upgrade to Review Board 4.0 upon release, we recommend upgrading to Review Bot 2.0.1 today.

What is Review Bot?

Review Bot is an automated code review tool that connects to Review Board, interfacing with many different code linting tools:

Coming Soon

We're preparing a much larger 3.0 release with all-new tools, configuration options, and official Docker support. We expect this to be available in the next few months.

For now, see the release notes for the details on 2.0.1, or download Review Bot today.

Review Board 4.0 RC 1: Home Stretch

Development is coming to a close with today's release of the first Release Candidate for 4.0.

If you're planning an upgrade to 4.0 upon release, please give 4.0 RC 1 and report any feedback you find.


Review Board 4.0 RC 1 ships along with a Docker image, making it easy to get set up quickly and to scale out as your needs grow.

Going forward, every new release of Review Board will ship with Docker images. We're also building them for Review Bot.

See our documentation to get started.

Improved Site Management

We've refined the rb-site install experience, offering better guidance all throughout.

New options have been added for automated installs, including specifying the site's SECRET_KEY, allowed hostnames for accessing the server, and even custom templates.

rb-site manage --help now shows all the most common management commands used with Review Board.

New Extension Testing Options

The rbext tool has been updated with new options to make it easy to test your extensions.

The new --extension option takes the extension class name and sets up a full test environment around it. Combined with the new --app option for adding additional Django apps, testing extensions has never been easier.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Improved keyboard shortcuts in the Diff Upload and File Upload dialogs
  • Fixed search configuration on new installs
  • Fixed some Unicode encoding bugs with LDAP and Active Directory authentication
  • rb-site manage resolve-check no longer needs to be called after setting up a new site.

The full details, along with installation/upgrade instructions, are in the release notes.

Please report any issues (or successes!) you hit with either Review Board 4.0 RC 1 or the new Docker image. If all goes well, we'll be releasing 4.0 very soon.