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New in version 2.0.

DOC8 is a style checker for Sphinx (or other) reStructuredText documentation. Also it has basic support for plain text. doc8 uses RST_LINT as a backend for the verification.


doc8 verifies the following styles in .rst files.

  • Invalid rst format - D000
  • Lines should not be longer than 79 characters - D001
    • RST exception: line with no whitespace except in the beginning
    • RST exception: lines with http or https urls
    • RST exception: literal blocks
    • RST exception: rst target directives
  • No trailing whitespace - D002
  • No tabulation for indentation - D003
  • No carriage returns (use unix newlines) - D004
  • No newline at end of file - D005


doc8 can be installed on most systems by running:

$ pip install doc8

It may also be available in your system’s package manager.