Review Board 2.5.17 and 3.0.1 are now out

We have two new Review Board releases for you today!

Review Board 2.5.17 fixes a handful of issues, including:

  • Posting changes containing Unicode characters to GitLab via the New Review Request page
  • Regressions in showing closed review requests in the search field
  • Crashes when getting a user's full name from LDAP when that name didn't include any spaces
  • Creating drafts when editing the caption for file attachments
  • Showing replies alongside reviews in the user page's list of published reviews

On top of those fixes, Review Board 3.0.1 has a few additional improvements:

  • Capability flags have been added in the API's root resource indicating if JSON patching and symlinks in Git diffs are supported, helping clients make smarter decisions
  • A newer user permission was added to let that user see invite-only review groups in the API, which is useful for in-house tools
  • Avatar backends provided by extensions should no longer disappear

See the 2.5.17 and 3.0.1 release notes for the full list of changes. If you're upgrading to 2.5.17, please follow the installation instructions in the release notes so you don't end up on 3.0.1.