We have another release for you today. Review Board 2.0.21 is out, adding support for Assembla repositories (already available in 2.5), e-mail improvements, extension enhancements, and several bug fixes.

Many of these enhancements and fixes were backported from 2.5. For example, e-mails will now show "Fix it, then Ship It!" if a reviewer submits a "Ship It!" review with issues opened.

Extension authors now have more control over the display of fields added to a review request, and can tap into the review request approval states in JavaScript (especially useful when defining custom approval hooks.

There are several bug fixes you'll also enjoy:

  • Viewing an interdiff containing a draft diff and then updating that draft diff no longer shows the old interdiff.
  • Updating a review request when it and another review request depend on each other no longer results in errors.
  • Commits against a local GitLab server no longer fail to post.
  • Default reviewers are now applied when posting an existing commit for review on the New Review Request page.
  • Database upgrades from older versions of Review Board should now work consistently.

There are also numerous visual improvements and other small fixes here and there. Check out the release notes for more details.

Please note that in order to upgrade to 2.0.21, you must do:

$ pip install ReviewBoard==2.0.21


$ easy_install ReviewBoard==2.0.21

If you don't specify a version, you'll get the latest 2.5.2 release instead.

Don't forget to upgrade to our Django 1.6.x security updates build. This can't be done automatically just yet. See our announcement for more information.