2.0.16 may have come out just a few days ago, but it's old news now. We've made some fixes and tweaks to the improvements in that release, fixed up some small packaging issues, and added new extension-related enhancements.

We know a few of you have hit some of the bugs from 2.0.16 in your deployments, so we wanted to get this out to you fast.

The main highlights include:

  • Extensions can now set custom data on reviews through JavaScript hooks, and listen to publishing-related events.
  • Files that were copied but not modified will now appear in the diff viewer.
  • Publishing-related errors in the API will now show up again.
  • Errors with diff generation will show an error page, not a HTTP 500.
  • Users making heavy use of private user profiles and the Depends On field for review requests won't see API errors when modifying drafts.

See the full list of changes for more details.

In case you missed it, check out the announcement for last week's release of Review Board. We cover the new security fixes, performance improvements, bug fixes, and new installation methods available satrting in 2.0.16.