Today's release of Review Board 2.0.13 has a nice mix of bug fixes and features/improvements for Subversion users and administrators.

Let's get to the features first.

  • Subversion users with non-standard repository layouts will now find that they can now browse commits from any top-level directory in their repository in the New Review Request page. Previously, they were kind of stuck if they didn't have the standard trunk/branches scheme.

  • We've enhanced the administration UI to enable filtering/searching repositories (which is particularly useful if you have hundreds of repositories in your install). You can also search for any user and edit their profile information.

  • Also, we have a new authentication backend. If you're maintaining HTTP Digest password files for other services, and want those same accounts to work with Review Board, you're in luck! Simply enable the new HTTP Digest backend, point to your password file, and you're good to go.

If you're running RBTools 0.7.1 or higher, you'll be able to take advantage of enhanced caching support in our API, making everything just a bit faster!

We also have a number of bug fixes throughout the product. This covers crashes, visual issues, diff interaction/selection/parsing bugs, and more.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.