We have another big Review Board release for you today!

Review Board 2.0.6 makes a number of improvements across the product, including:

  • Fixes for numerous Subversion-related problems
  • Internet Explorer compatibility fixes (note that if you use IE, you should use IE10 at a minimum)
  • Extension installation fixes for multi-threaded servers
  • Addition of OK/Cancel buttons on all fields on review requests
  • Workarounds for broken file attachment mimetypes reported by the browser
  • Smarter Markdown escaping
  • The condensediffs command for reducing diff storage requirements now shows the estimated time until completion.
  • and much more!

There are also a few important security fixes. Django just announced new security releases today, which may affect your server, especially if it's publicly accessible. By upgrading to 2.0.6, you'll get these fixes automatically.

If you're running Review Board 2.0.x, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to this release. It should make things run much smoother all around.

See the release notes for more information on this release.