We’ve been working hard on fixing the bugs found by our beta testers, fine-tuning all the new extension support, and getting a few more experimental Web Hooks in place for more hosting services.

All around, it’s a good release. In fact, we were looking to call this the final 2.0, but we have a few fixes we want just a bit more testing on first.

Some of the key highlights of this release include:

  • Fixes for upgrading from a pre-1.7 release
  • Better protection from broken extensions
  • Some new extension abilities for blocking publishing of review requests
  • Condensing diffs no longer eats all available memory
  • Lots of bugs squashed

The release notes have the full details, as well as installation instructions.

Our hope is to release the final 2.0 this month. A big thanks to all of our beta testers for providing such great feedback!