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New in version 1.0.

rbt alias is used to display any aliases configured by the user or a repository. It can list them or perform a “dry run” that shows what would be executed when running a given alias.


$ rbt alias [options] 

Listing Aliases

To list all the aliases defined in .reviewboardrc, use the --list option.

For example:

$ rbt alias --list
    pt = post HEAD
    ptu = post -u HEAD
    push = !git push && rbt close $1

Simulating an Alias

To display the commands that would be run by an alias, use the --dry-run option. This will expand the alias and print the results.

For example:

$ rbt alias --dry-run ptu
rbt post HEAD

If the alias takes any command line arguments, they will be included in the output if provided. For example:

$ rbt alias --dry-run push my-branch
git push && rbt close my-branch



List all aliases defined in .reviewboardrc files.

--dry-run <alias>

Print the command as it would be executed with the given command-line arguments.

-d, --debug

Displays debug output.

This information can be valuable when debugging problems running the command.

The default can be set in DEBUG in .reviewboardrc.


Output results as JSON data instead of text.

The default can be set in JSON_OUTPUT in .reviewboardrc.

New in version 3.0.