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This documentation covers Djblets 2.0. You can see the latest Djblets documentation or all other versions.


Mixins for helping with lookups from HTTP GET query strings.

class APIQueryUtilsMixin[source]

Bases: object

Adds useful functions to a WebAPIResource for database lookups.

build_queries_for_int_field(request, field_name, query_param_name=None)[source]

Build queries based on request parameters for an int field.

get_queryset() implementations can use this to allow callers to filter results through range matches. Callers can search for exact matches, or can make use of the following operations:

  • < (?name-lt=value)
  • <= (?name-lte=value)
  • > (?name-gt=value)
  • >= (?name-gte=value)
  • request (django.http.HttpRequest) – The HTTP request from the client.
  • field_name (unicode) – The field name in the database to query against.
  • query_param_name (unicode) – The query argument passed to the URL. Defaults to the field_name.

A query expression that can be used in database queries.

Return type: