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This documentation covers Djblets 2.0. You can see the latest Djblets documentation or all other versions.


Specialized database fields.

This module provides several database fields for use in Django models, covering Base64 data storage, JSON storage, atomic counters, and more.

These fields are split into their own modules. This module makes it simple to import them all from one place. The following are provided:

Base64DecodedValue An identifiable wrapper around byte string values for Base64Field.
Base64FieldCreator Property-like class used to store/retrieve Base64 values.
Base64Field A text field for storing Base64-encoded values.
CounterField A field that provides atomic counter updating and smart initialization.
JSONField A field for storing JSON-encoded data.
JSONFormField Provides a form field for JSON input.
ModificationTimestampField A timestamp field that only updates existing objects or when None.
RelationCounterField A field that provides an atomic count of a relation.