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Review Stopwatch

by Beanbag, Inc.

The review stopwatch is an extension which adds a timer to each review request. Reviewers can start and stop it to keep track of the total time that they've spent on each review.

The stopwatch can be seen at the bottom-right of all review request pages (such as the review request, diff viewer, and file attachment pages). Clicking on the stopwatch will start it, and clicking again will stop it and save the current time.

Note that if you have multiple browser tabs or windows open for the same review request (such as one looking at the diff view and another at a file attachment), you cannot run multiple stopwatches at the same time. Whichever one is stopped last will save its value. If you do run with multiple tabs, we suggest keeping your timer running in only one of them, or stopping and starting them each time you navigate to a different page.

The total time spent on each review can be seen in the review box just above the comments, and is also available in the API (the extra_data.rbstopwatch.reviewTime key in the review resource contains the total number of seconds spent on the review).

Installation instructions

To install this package, type:

sudo easy_install -U rbstopwatch

Then go to your Administration UI -> Extensions page and click "Scan for installed extensions". The extension should show up. If it does not, reload your web server and try again.