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Note to Reviewers

by Beanbag, Inc.

Adds a "Note to Reviewers" field to review requests, right below "Testing Done."

This handy field can be used to give reviewers important information about your change that isn't appropriate for the description. For example, files they should focus on, the current state of the change, who should be paying attention to what, and so on.

Just like the "Description" and "Testing Done" fields, "Note to Reviewers" supports Markdown formatting. Changes to this field will also appear along with other changes to the review request.

What's new in 1.0.1

  • Fixed a breakage when populating a previously empty note field and then publishing the draft in Review Board 2.0.6 an older.

Installation instructions

To install this extension, type:

sudo easy_install -U rbnotefield

Then go to your Administration UI -> Extensions page and click "Check for installed extensions". The extension should show up. If it does not, reload your web server and try again.

Once you've enabled the extension, you can click Configure on the extensions page to set your message.