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Message of the Day

by Beanbag, Inc.

Displays a Message of the Day banner at the top of every page.

You can use this to let your users know of important status updates, such as upcoming server maintenance, performance issues, or more.

Once a user has read your message, they can choose to hide it by clicking the "X".

What's new in 2.0

Added compatibility with Review Board 4.0.

Installation instructions

To install this extension, type:

sudo pip install -U rbmotd

Or, if on Python 2.7 and previously installed using easy_install:

sudo easy_install -U rbmotd

Then go to your Administration UI -> Extensions page and click "Check for installed extensions". The extension should show up. If it does not, reload your web server and try again.

Once you've enabled the extension, you can click Configure on the extensions page to set your message.