Today, we’re releasing what we expect to be the final pre-release of Review Board 5.0.

Review Board 5.0 features:

  • Single Sign-On using SAML
  • Elasticsearch 1.x-7.x support
  • Trojan source code detection
  • Stronger API tokens, with expiration, invalidation, last usage tracking, and secret scanning
  • Stale Ship It! indicators in the Dashboard
  • New APIs for querying comments and reviews across all review requests
  • Built on top of Django 3.2, supporting Python 3.7-3.11, bringing better performance, bug/security fixes, and new extension capabilities

This release candidate introduces:

  • Better Ship It! indicators in the Dashboard, showing if new updates have been made since the last Ship It!
  • New controls for setting the expiration dates of API tokens
  • Several bug fixes

We expect to release the final 5.0 within weeks.

Want to help us test?

We’re close to the release, but we could still use your help! We want this to be a solid release, and your feedback can help us get there.

We have installation information in the release notes, or you can use the beanbag/reviewboard:5.0rc1 Docker image. See our Docker instructions for information on setting up an environment.

Please make sure you have a dedicated testing server and database. Do not test this release candidate in production!

Stay tuned for the final 5.0 release, coming soon!