We unfortunately had to pull this week's 4.0.8 and 4.0.9 releases, due to a packaging issue that broke the diff viewer.

Today's release of 4.0.10 is a replacement for these releases, and will restore working functionality.

What Happened?

We use a fantastic tool called Babel to help us write modern JavaScript. It converts our JavaScript to something compatible with the majority of the browser market share.

Since our 4.0.7 release, an older mobile browser dropped below a certain market share. This was the last browser that held back our usage of some modern JavaScript. When this happened, it uncovered a bug where some of our code was expecting the rewritten form, and broke with the modern form.

This is our first time encountering such a rare breakage, but it's an interesting one, and we're evaluating how to avoid this in the future and to improve our automated testing.

Updating to Review Board 4.0.10

If you're on any prior release, including 4.0.9, you can upgrade as normal. Our official Docker images have also been updated for 4.0.10.

If you missed the 4.0.8 or 4.0.9 releases, we've included all of the improvements in the Review Board 4.0.10 release notes.