We have two new releases to present today, improving compatibility and fixing an assortment of bugs.

Review Board 4.0.9

This is a small bug and compatibility fix release, focusing on:

  • Compatibility issues with a new release of Python-Markdown and in general with Python 3.10.
  • A regression with changing between Source and Rendered tabs in the Markdown review UI
  • An uncommon problem with closing/resolving issues when a single review request contains comments of multiple types with the same ID.

See the release notes.

We've also updated the official Docker images to provide Review Bot 3.1.1 and Power Pack 5.1.

Review Bot 3.1.1

This release improves compatibility with the following tools:

As well as fixing installation issues on Python 3.6.

Our official Docker images have been updated for this release.

See the release notes