Today's release of Review Board 4.0.6 fixes bugs throughout the product, improving areas such as interdiffs, mobile styling, and Python 3 compatibility.

It also introduces new diff parsing capabilities and API enhancements, which will be used by the upcoming Review Bot 3 release.

Diff Improvements

Diff parsing now tracks symlink target and UNIX file mode changes for Git, Mercurial, and DiffX diffs.

These, along with binary file information, are now exposed in the API, allowing your in-house scripts and webhooks to better work with changes posted to Review Board.

We've also fixed the display of indentation-only changes when viewing interdiffs, the display of symlink changes in Git-style Mercurial diffs, and downloading patch error bundles on Python 3, and

Bug Fixes

We've fixed some issues upgrading from very old versions of Review Board to 4.0.6+.

Parsing of Bitbucket API error payloads on Python 3 now works for all error types.

If using Review Bot, you can now once again view the in-database state for tools.

Some UI issues in mobile styling and in the issue summary table have been fixed.

Upgrade today!

Builds are now available for Python 2 and 3, and our official Docker images have been updated.

Check out the release notes for the full list of changes.