Power Pack 3.0.6 introduces support for Microsoft Azure DevOps, and fixes compatibility issues with Python 3 and Review Board 4.

Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is the successor to Team Foundation Server. Power Pack 3.0.6 now supports authenticating and communicating with Azure DevOps, using our existing Team Foundation Server integration.

Personal Access Tokens can now be used to communicate with Azure DevOps or with recent versions of Team Foundation Server that are set to require them.

Compatibility Fixes

Power Pack is now compatible with the most recent versions of Python 3, fixing some crashes during startup.

Review Board 4 support has also improved. Issues with licensed user management on this release have been resolved, and styling has improved in the Power Pack configuration page, helping it fit better with the rest of the UI.

If you haven't upgraded lately...

In recent releases, we've added compatibility with Review Board 4.0 release and improved Reports and PDF compatibility. We have more features on the way, including new support for new source code management solutions and cross-database import/export.

Now's a great time to upgrade, or to start using Power Pack for the first time.

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