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Review Board 4.0.2 and 3.0.24: Security and Bug Fixes

Today's releases of Review Board 3.0.24 and 4.0.2 fix a handful of bugs and one security issue, and introduces support for defining safe URL protocols for Markdown text.

Security Fix for Markdown Review UI

Attackers could post a Markdown document for review that contained bad links that, when clicked, could invoke JavaScript code. We fixed a similar issue in 3.0.21, but this is specific to the Markdown Review UI.

Though this is a pretty small attack vector, we do strongly recommend that everyone upgrades as a precaution.

Custom URL Protocols

Administrators can now set a list of URL protocols (like eclipse://. ftp://, gopher://, etc.) they consider safe for their environment by modifying conf/settings_local.py: These will then be preserved when building links. For example:

ALLOWED_MARKDOWN_URL_PROTOCOLS = ['eclipse', 'ftp', 'gopher']

Bug Fixes

There are also fixes for:

  • Marking session and CSRF cookies as secure
  • Handling Subversion diffs with (nonexistent) revisions
  • Markdown rendering of e-mail addresses
  • Connecting to GitLab (in Review Board 4.0.2)

See the 3.0.24 release notes and 4.0.2 release notes for the full lists of changes.

Note: If you're upgrading to 3.0.24, please follow the installation instructions in the release notes so you don't end up on 4.0.2.