Power Pack 3.0.5 is a small bug fix release that addresses an important issue with PDFs.

PDF Rendering Fixes

Depending on the Review Board setup, a crucial file used to process PDFs would sometimes fail to load. This would result in a blank thumbnail or an empty PDF review UI.

We've tracked down this corner case and fixed it once and for all (hopefully). If you encounter any issues with PDFs, please reach out to us for support. Power Pack licenses entitle you to free support for any and all Power Pack features.

If you haven't upgraded lately...

In recent releases, we've added compatibility with the upcoming Review Board 4.0 release, fixed CSV export for Reports, and improved PDF compatibility.

Now's a great time to upgrade, or to start using Power Pack for the first time.

We're working on Power Pack 4.0, with new authentication features and database import/export. We should have more to show in a few months.

Learn more about Power Pack or upgrade your copy today!