We have two new releases of Review Board out today.

Review Board 3.0.20

This is a compatibility and bug fix release, focused mainly on ensuring Review Board 3.x continues to install cleanly on Python 2.7 environments.

There's also database-related performance improvements aimed toward large installations, and visual bug fixes on Firefox.

For the full list of improvements, see the 3.0.20 release notes.

Review Board 4.0 Beta 2

Thanks to everyone who tested 4.0 beta 1 and reported feedback. We've fixed the major issues, and hope you're ready for round 2!

Beta 2 brings:

  • Fixes for regressions in search, LDAP, Active Directory, and Clear Case.
  • Fixes for installation issues that some people encountered when setting up a new site directory.
  • Fixes for Postgres database compatibility.
  • Numerous improvements for rb-site, including better help, new options to help with automated installs, and providing custom settings templates.
  • A new Repositories widget in the administration dashboard.

Plus a handful of other fixes and improvements.

For installation/upgrade instructions, and the full list of changes, see the 4.0 beta 2 release notes.