Review Board 3.0.19 enables new options for Review Bot, introduces a new experimental interdiff algorithm, enhances compatibility with several types of repositories, and improves the repository creation API.

Some New Review Bot Options

Review Bot users now have access to several new options.

Configured code checkers can now be set to run only on demand, by button click, which is useful for ones that take a very long time to run.

Failed builds can be retried, in case the failure was caused by a temporary issue.

Open issues piling up? Tools can now be set to drop all previously-opened issues they've filed the next time the tool is run, starting fresh.

A New Interdiff Algorithm

Some people have hit odd edge cases with interdiffs, where some lines seemed to be missing. This was due to a problem with the old algorithm, which we've been working out.

A new algorithm is coming in Review Board 4.0. If you're plagued by interdiff issues, you can preview this by setting the following in conf/

    'diffviewer.filter_interdiffs_v2': True,

You’ll then need to restart your web server and clear memcached. We recommend trying this on a non-production server.

Better API-Based Repository Management

The Repository API can now create repositories backed by hosting services, such as GitHub or GitLab. It's no longer limited to plain, self-hosted repositories.

This is pretty advanced, but often requested. We're working on documentation, but in the meantime, reach out if you need assistance.


  • SSL fixes for Perforce
  • Diff parsing fixes for Git and Mercurial
  • Lookup fixes for JIRA
  • Posting fixes for complex repository setups
  • Authentication fixes for WebHooks
  • Rendering fixes when publishing replies to reviews
  • Saving fixes after copying-and-pasting into a text field

And more.

The full list of changes are in the release notes.