Power Pack 3.0.3 is built to get you ready for Review Board 4.0 and for licensing changes in Power Pack 4.0. Plus, it fixes bugs and improves compatibility across the product.

Review Board 4.0 Compatibility

Review Board 4.0 will soon be out in beta, and you'll want to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Power Pack 3.0.3 works today with your current Review Board and with the Review Board of tomorrow.

(Not literally tomorrow. Sorry to get your hopes up.)

New Licensing Format

We're moving to a new license format, which will open the door to features we have planned for Power Pack 4.0. By upgrading now, you'll be ready for the new licenses when they're ready, giving you a head start on Power Pack 4.0.

Bug and Compatibility Fixes

  • Installation is a bit easier on most Linux systems
  • We've further enhanced rendering of PDFs
  • Prepared for future GitHub Enterprise authentication changes
  • Improved compatibility with AWS CodeCommit and Bitbucket Server
  • Stopped a crash when exporting CSV files for some reports
  • Fixed enabling or disabling some feature checkboxes, for customizing your install

Update Today

Prepare for tomorrow by upgrading to Power Pack 3.0.3 today.

To upgrade or install for the first time, see the installation instructions.