Review Board 3.0.18 is the culmination of months of work in just about every area of the product. There are compatibility updates and bug fixes, better performance, tweaks to usability, and improvements to extensibility.

Better Compatibility

  • Dependencies have been updated to make installation easier on some systems.
  • GitHub now uses Personal Access Token instead of a password when linking accounts. This will be required by GitHub in November.
  • Bitbucket's Mercurial support was removed.
  • GitLab commit browsing works better for public repositories, and is more helpful when things fail for private repositories (caused by GitLab API issues).
  • Perforce SSL/stunnel repository setup is now rock-solid.
  • Subversion filenames with certain special (but uncommon) characters can now be found.
  • NIS authentication works again!

Better Performance

  • Communicating with repositories over SSH is much faster.
  • Need to migrate old pre-3.0 diffs using the condensediffs command? It should take a lot less time now, especially on MySQL, and you can schedule small batches of migrations over a period of time.

Better Usability

  • We've polished mouse interaction in the dashboard and keyboard interaction in dialog boxes.
  • Very long lines in diffs are now safely broken up in the diff viewer.

Better Stability

  • Broken extensions are less likely to interfere with the rest of the product, and can more easily be diagnosed.
  • The Markdown review UI doesn't get stuck anymore showing only rendered content.
  • Fewer crashes from edge cases throughout the product.


  • The repository API lets you create/manage repositories on hosting services and store custom metadata.
  • We've bumped up versions of the tools used to process JavaScript and LessCSS for custom extensions.

See the release notes for all changes in this release.

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