Today's release of Review Board 3.0.16 brings some key administrative enhancements to the API and to the repository configuration page, plus an assortment of bug fixes.

Updating users via the API

The User API now allows user information, such as full names and e-mail addresses, to be modified. Users can modify their own user information, and administrators (or users with the special auth.change_user permission) can modify any user's information.

Administrators can also deactivate or re-activate user accounts by setting the is_active flag on users. This can help organizations keep the list of active users up-to-date as personnel changes.

Repository form and architectural updates

The repository configuration form has received a few user-facing improvements, and a whole lot of behind-the-scenes improvements.

  • Browsers should no longer fill in the Username and Password field with your Review Board login credentials
  • Inactive or removed users that were added to a repository's access control list no longer cause problems when saving the repository
  • Custom extra_data values set via the API or extensions are no longer lost when saving repositories
  • Repository types provided by extensions can now provide their own configuration forms, instead of using the hard-coded fields like Path and Mirror Path.

There's actually a lot that has changed here over the past few months, and we're particularly interested in hearing about any unexpected changes in behavior.

We'll be taking advantage of this new functionality in the coming months as part of work on a brand-new ClearCase implementation.

Compatibility and bug fixes

We've improved parsing of Subversion diffs, communicating with Subversion repositories hosted on Beanstalk, and improved performance and reliability when handling Bitbucket WebHooks.

We also have fixes for search indexing of users, Dashboard sidebar counters, and dependency conflicts on new installs.

See the release notes for all the changes in this release.

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