Power Pack 3.0.2: Fixes for Team Foundation Server

Power Pack 3.0.2 improves integration with Microsoft's Team Foundation Server:

  • Copied files containing non-ASCII filenames can now be diffed
  • Compatibility between various versions of Review Board, Python, and Team Foundation Server has improved

There's also several behind-the-scenes changes preparing Power Pack for new features we have in the works, and for the upcoming Review Board 4.0 release.

Update Today

Power Pack 3.0.2 is recommended for all Power Pack users reviewing code over Team Foundation Server.

To upgrade, or to install for the first time, see the installation instructions.

Review Board 3.0.15: Bitbucket Fixes and More

On June 11, 2019, Bitbucket removed an API that Review Board required in order to upload or view diffs. This caught us by surprise, and if you use Bitbucket, you may have had a rough day. Us too.

We've worked around this in today's release, restoring full Bitbucket compatibility. We've also fixed some regressions introduced by changes to Bitbucket's webhook payloads (used to auto-close review requests).

Going forward, Review Board 3.0.15 or higher is required to use Bitbucket.

By the way, to keep track of important issues like this, follow us on Twitter.

Along with the Bitbucket fixes, we've added some polish to other parts of the product:

  • Some sort of avatar will now always show up, no matter your configuration. If you've disabled all avatar services, we'll make sure the fallback avatar service is used.
  • Using emojis shortcodes? You've probably noticed they've been looking... a bit strange. A CDN changed on us, so we've updated to use the new one.
  • Very, very large images (high-DPI images, screenshots) shown in comments and other text fields would expand far outside their container, but no longer.
  • People sometimes like to paste URLs or other text in the Depends On field for review requests, which just sort of failed with an error. Now you'll see something more helpful.
  • If you've tried updating access lists for repositories lately, you may have noticed your changes weren't always saving. *ahem* We've taken care of that.
  • Writing custom extensions? Adding new review request actions? Callbacks registered with RB.ReviewRequestActionHook will now do what they're supposed to do, instead of crashing.

See the release notes for everything in 3.0.15.