Review Board 3.0.14: Improved Integrations and Avatars

Today's release of Review Board 3.0.14 fixes a handful of bugs that may be plaguing you, and introduces some long-overdue UI improvements for integrations and avatars.

Fallback Avatars

Review Board now displays a default avatar when no other avatar service is available for the user.

Fallback Avatars

This avoids those annoying blank avatars and ugly log messages when users have opted out of all other types of avatars.

A Better Integrations Experience

Integrations configuration has been completely redone, making it easier to see what integrations you already have and which are available to install.

Integrations List

Add Integration Popup

RBCommons will be receiving support for integrations very soon. We're beta-testing this now, so if you're interested in trying it out, let us know!


  • A regression with using integrations bound to repositories and review groups has been fixed.
  • The bubble shown on the Review Request page when there are updates doesn't sometimes list the wrong reviewer name anymore.
  • Our close-on-push hooks for GitHub, Bitbucket, and other services no longer crash when encountering invalid review request IDs in commit messages.
  • We've bumped up the version of Less, the language used for our CSS, from 2.6 to 3.9. Extensions can now make use of all the latest Less CSS features.
  • The Users API now supports optional rendering of avatars, supporting all Review Board and in-house avatar services.

See the release notes for all the changes in this release.