Review Board 3.0.12: Must Go Faster

Today’s release of Review Board is the first in a series of releases focusing on performance. We’re going through the product with a fine-toothed comb, looking for places where we can make things faster so your servers can be happier and your developers more productive — or vice-versa.

Working Toward a Faster Review Board

Review Board 3.0.12 reduces the amount of database work required when updating or publishing review request drafts, loading extensions, processing integrations, and working with the API in general.

It also lays the groundwork for further improvements coming in 3.0.13 and beyond, helping ensure faster database reads and writes across the product.

And don't worry — no database upgrades are required for this release.

Improving the API

We've reworked two of the APIs to help customers building their Review Board integrations. The review request draft API now handles concurrent updates to the same draft from multiple clients far better than before, preventing fields from being overwritten unintentionally.

The repository API has also been rewritten, making it easier to archive repositories, adding better validation, and getting things ready for creating and updating repositories backed by hosting services (coming soon).

Plus a Few Other Fixes

We've also fixed a crash that could occur when sorting non-sortable Dashboard columns in the URL, the length of archived repository names, and over-zealous access restrictions in the Diff Context API.

See the release notes for more details on everything that's in 3.0.12.