Review Board 3.0.9 is released

Today's release of Review Board 3.0.9 brings on a handful of bug fixes for extensions, diffs, review requests, Perforce, Subversion, JIRA, Review Bot, and more. Plus, better active user tracking (for support contracts and licenses) and new condition rules.

Let's take a look.

Welcome back, Review Bot

Review Bot

A recent release of Review Bot unveiled some bugs in our extension handling. When installing for the first time, Review Board could crash loading the metadata. Shouldn't be a problem anymore, and thanks everyone for your patience on this.

Activity tracking has improved

Last Logged In

We now store information on when users last used Review Board, helping administrators get a better idea of their active user base. Particularly helpful when signing up for support or purchasing a Power Pack license.

Subversion, Perforce, and JIRA are happier

Subversion repositories that allowed anonymous access were broken when using Subvertpy as a backend

Tracked down an odd bug with Perforce involving access-restricted Perforce clients named "none" blocking new review requests from being posted.

If JIRA was configured wrong, your logs could be full of crash details when failing to access a ticket. Now we handle that much more gracefully.

Extension authors, too

The Review Bot bug wasn't limited to just Review Bot. Any extensions with Unicode characters in the description could break, but not anymore.

We've also identified an issue that could break some custom authentication backends, and another that could prevent custom date/time fields from saving reliably.

We polished visuals

Aligned Move Flags

We've fixed up some alignment annoyances with move detection flags in the diff viewer. Moved lines of code no longer appear ever-so-slightly indented.

The Dashboard had some lingering hover styles for date fields that were pretty sloppy. We got rid of them.

Notifications for updates on a review request could also show the wrong timestamp in cases, or the wrong user if an administrator changed a review request. Edge cases, but they're taken care of.

Made integrations more flexible

Participants Choice

We've added new options for choosing when Slack and other integrations do their thing. You can now define rules based on who has participated in discussions on a review request, or who is listed as a target reviewer.

And there's some other stuff

Fixes for the API, better safeguards for webhooks, and new helpful instructions for Beanstalk.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.