Today's release of Review Board 3.0.8 features a few small bug fixes:

  • Invisible search filters in the search results
  • Crashes in the API when working with automated code review
  • Deleting draft replies prematurely when deleting the reply to a review header
  • Compatibility problems using Subvertpy and HTTPS-backed repositories

(See the release notes for the full list of changes.)

The big announcement today, though, is a new companion to Review Board that we'd like to introduce you to.

Meet RB Gateway

RB Gateway is a microservice used by Review Board that's built to address shortcomings in Git and Mercurial's APIs. Git, in particular, is quite limited. It doesn't provide fine-grained access to the contents of repositories, meaning that tools like Review Board typically have to depend on specific hosting services (like GitHub Enterprise or GitLab) or hacks to work.

When using RB Gateway, Review Board can access your self-hosted repositories in new ways, enabling users to browse for commits, close review requests when a commit is pushed, and more cleanly managing your repositories. It works just like other hosting services, but is simple to set up and configure on all major platforms.

This means no more GitWeb, cgit, or hgweb hacks! Just install RB Gateway, point it to your repositories, and tell Review Board about them. You're done.

RB Gateway can be installed on Linux, macOS, or Windows. Installation is easy, and we have instructions to help you get started.

For the best experience, we recommend Review Board 3.0.8 with RB Gateway. Older 2.5.x and 3.0.x releases support it, but are limited in functionality and only support Git.