Power Pack 2.0.1: Fixes for trial license expiration

Today's release of Power Pack 2.0.1 is a small bug fix and maintenance release.

Licensing Fixes

The primary fix addresses various access issues with repositories hosted on Bitbucket Server and Visual Studio Team Services when transitioning license states (such as from a valid trial license to an expired one), which can cause future problems for users who need to use these repositories.

Python Compatibility

We've also dropped support for Python 2.6, allowing us to focus on bringing Python 3.x support to both Power Pack and Review Board in future releases. Python 2.6 hasn't been maintained in years, and support was recently dropped in Review Board 3.0. The last release to support Python 2.6 is Power Pack 2.0.

If you're still on Python 2.6, we can help you upgrade.

Update Today

Power Pack 2.0.1 is recommended for all Power Pack users, particularly those using Bitbucket Server and Visual Studio Team Services. Power Pack 2.0.1 supports Review Board 2.5 and up on Python 2.7.

To upgrade, or to install for the first time, see the installation instructions.

Learn more about Power Pack 2.0.

Review Board 3.0.6 is ready to install

Today's release of Review Board 3.0.6 fixes a handful of small issues throughout the product, from better source code management compatibility to more polished UI interactions.

Better E-Mails

  • Using rbt post --submit-as and then publishing the review request once again sends out e-mails on behalf of the owner of the review request instead of the logged-in user.
  • Links to comments in e-mails resolve correctly.

Compatibility Improvements

  • Fixed problems fetching some files using GitLab API version 4, depending on how the diff was uploaded.
  • Fixed timezone-related problems looking up or posting Bazaar changes and browsing Mercurial commits.

Fixes for UI Regressions

  • The Description/Testing Done text fields once again grow to fit when adding lines and shrink when removing them.
  • Revoking a Ship It now immediately crosses out the "Ship It" text on a review.

For the full list of changes, see the release notes.