Hello, everyone! Christian Hammond here, one of the founders of Review Board and Beanbag.

We have a webinar coming up on Upgrading Your Team's Code Review Experience using Review Board, hosted by Bitnami. We'll be going over the importance and benefits of code review, how Review Board can help save you time and sanity during the code and document review process (did you know that you can review documents and images?), and we'll talk about some of the upcoming features of Review Board 3.0 that you're going to like.

There will also be a demo followed by a Q&A. This is a great opportunity to ask us anything you might want to know about Review Board.

The webinar starts on July 12th at 9AM PST (4PM UTC). Join us! You can register for the webinar if you want to attend or see the recording once it's over. If you have teammates, managers, or friends who might be interested, please forward this along to them and ask them to register as well. It helps us to have a good head count.

Hope to see you there!

— Christian