Power Pack 1.3.4 builds on top of last release's 1.3.3, fixing a couple of annoying bugs.

First, some of you have found that Reports broke in 1.3.3. We've tracked the issue down and fixed it. Reports should work just fine now.

Beta users of Review Board 2.5 have noted that one of our new features didn't work so well with Power Pack. Review Board 2.5 allows any draft comments on an image or document to be moved and resized, but this didn't play nicely on PDFs. That's been taken care of, so once you upgrade to 2.5, you'll be able to drag those comments all over the place.

It's a small release, but we have some big ones coming up, as we prepare some major improvements to Reports, and introduce some new features to help manage user accounts.

See the release notes.

To install Power Pack, follow our installation instructions. If it's already installed, you can upgrade by typing:

$ sudo easy_install -U ReviewBoardPowerPack

Got a feature you want in Power Pack? Let us know!