We have a big release today, full of bug fixes, performance improvements, usability improvements, and a couple new features.

We fine-tuned the Markdown-capable text fields, helping them to feel more smooth and natural when typing. This is especially noticeable with lots of text, or for those of you who type really fast.

We also sped up the API, making many operations a lot faster, especially querying for review requests. This will benefit RBTools, the UI, and most third-party applications.

Ever want to copy text from a single column in the diff viewer? Now you can! Just select the text and hit Copy as usual. No more unwanted lines or line numbers messing up your pretty code.

Hate getting e-mails about actions you just performed? You can now turn this off in your My Account page.

Extension writers and API consumers, we've given you some new abilities that should help you better script your custom integrations. Remember to show off what you've written in the Package Store!

There are also nearly 20 bug fixes, including fixes for auto-completing users and groups, Markdown rendering and text escaping, incorrect open issue counts in the dashboard, crashes and rendering issues in the diff viewer when viewing some interdiffs, and much more.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.