Review Board 2.0.8 fixes numerous bugs around the product, ranging from installation and upgrade woes to usability improvements to repository and patch compatibility fixes.

Just over a week ago, a new version of Python-Markdown was released that broke Review Board on Python 2.6. If you've installed Review Board or upgraded recently, and saw errors mentioning "importlib," you were bit by this. Upgrading to Review Board 2.0.8 will pull down a compatible version of Python-Markdown, fixing this problem.

We've also fixed some breakages in the New Review Request page with commits or patches containing certain types of Unicode characters, as well as Subversion commits that didn't contain a commit message.

Setting up a Bitbucket repository is now a bit easier. Errors are properly reported in more cases, and anything provided during configuration is now validated better.

There are several other changes as well. The full details are in the release notes.