Our focus for this release was to get a few crucial bug fixes backported from Review Board 2.0.x, and to also help in your migration to Review Board 2.0.x.

First, security fixes. Django just announced new security releases today, which may affect your server, especially if it's publicly accessible.

There are fixes for SVN keyword handling, broken file attachment mimetypes, and the ability to close another user's review requests (if you're an administrator).

We've also backported our optimized diff migration code from 2.0. Now, when you view older diffs, we'll flag them to be de-duplicated, helping to reduce your database size. If you view two revisions of a change and the diff content for a file is the same between both, we'll end up only storing that content once.

You can also run the following to go through and de-duplicate all your diffs, which will help reduce the migration time to 2.0.x:

sudo rb-site manage /path/to/site condensediffs

To upgrade to Review Board 1.7.28, run:

sudo easy_install ReviewBoard==1.7.28

See the release notes for more information on this release.