Today's release of Review Board 2.0.2 brings a couple new features, some performance improvements, and several important bug fixes.

Earlier this week, we introduced per-user e-mail options in 1.7.26, which has now made its way into the 2.0 series. You can also now upgrade from a 1.7.26 release to 2.0.2 (sorry about that!).

We made some improvements to the API response times, which will benefit RBTools and much of the Review Board website. Along with this, we've done a lot of work to massively reduce the time it takes to update the search index.

The stars of this release, though, are the bug fixes:

  • Clicking links and selecting text in editors now works as you'd expect.
  • Replying twice to a review no longer keeps that draft banner sticking around.
  • Solved some issues with fetching files on Mercurial repositories.
  • Added some bullet-proofing for repository encodings.
  • Attempting to reset user passwords no longer results in expired links.
  • Lots of fixes to the administration UI.
  • Much more!

Subversion in particular got a lot of love in this release:

  • Verifying SSL certificates for HTTPS-based repositories now works again.
  • The New Review Request page has been updated to properly filter commits based on the selected branch.
  • PySVN is now the default backend again, but it's possible to choose your preferred backend.

See the release notes for the full list of changes.