Every once in a while, things just don't work the way they should. And with that, I bring you two new Review Board releases.

This fixes three main issues. First, the recent work on the API caused a breakage in the Review Group Users resource when looking up a user that was a member of more than one group. While this doesn't affect usage of Review Board itself, it does affect those who need that part of the API for their scripts.

Second, due to a regression in a tool we use for packaging, the Python 2.6 builds for Review Board 1.7.15 shipped with broken JavaScript files. We've reverted the version to the last known stable version.

Third, pagination in the dashboard was broken in 1.7.15. This was fixed last night with a new build of Djblets, and now this release depends on that newer version.

Along with these three fixes, 1.7.16 gained a couple new extension hooks for extension authors to play with, which add the ability to place menu items in the top-most bar, alongside the User and Support links. You can see this in action with the Review Board Chat extension.

Release notes for 1.6.20 and 1.7.16 are available.