Another great release tonight! RBTools 0.4.3 is out, and fixes a handful of bugs and introduces some new features.

This release works with the new Review Board 1.7.3 release to better show moved files in diffs when using Perforce. It also adds the beginnings of Bazaar support. Along with that, many bug fixes to common and not-so-common problems people have hit.

This is probably the last big release in the 0.4.x series. Very soon, we will be releasing 0.5, which puts us on the path to the elusive 1.0. The 0.5 release introduces the beginnings of the Python API for working with Review Board, and a handful of useful command line tools for working with Review Board. This will in time replace post-review, though that will stay around in the 0.5.x releases as people migrate over to the new commands.

See the release notes for more information.