Review Board 1.7.4 released

This week's release of Review Board 1.7.3, while otherwise awesome, had some regressions for users of Internet Explorer, old versions of Firefox, and some Windows users generating diffs.

1.7.4 fixes these issues. If you're using 1.7.3 at all, you should certainly upgrade. It's a small release, but an important one.

Release notes are available.

RBTools 0.4.3 released

Another great release tonight! RBTools 0.4.3 is out, and fixes a handful of bugs and introduces some new features.

This release works with the new Review Board 1.7.3 release to better show moved files in diffs when using Perforce. It also adds the beginnings of Bazaar support. Along with that, many bug fixes to common and not-so-common problems people have hit.

This is probably the last big release in the 0.4.x series. Very soon, we will be releasing 0.5, which puts us on the path to the elusive 1.0. The 0.5 release introduces the beginnings of the Python API for working with Review Board, and a handful of useful command line tools for working with Review Board. This will in time replace post-review, though that will stay around in the 0.5.x releases as people migrate over to the new commands.

See the release notes for more information.

Review Board 1.7.3 released

Review Board 1.7.3 is released! This is mostly a bug-fix release, with a new feature for optionally e-mailing when review requests are closed, and some compatibility improvements.

Several of the bug fixes in this release were fixed by our new batch of students joining us from UCOSP this semester. Congrats on your first shipped code in Review Board!

For the full list of changes, see the release notes.

Review Board 1.7.2 released

Review Board 1.7.2 is out, with a number of fixes to commonly encountered problems found in 1.7.x, and a few new features.

Some users of 1.7 and 1.7.1 encountered some confusing problems when attempting to upgrade from an older release, due to some of the upgrade instructions not always showing up, and due to confusing errors when trying to upgrade using the now unsupported Python 2.4. This release should make the process much more clear.

There's also a good number of fixes for various other bugs throughout the product.

On top of this, three new features!

  • VersionOne bug tracker support was added.
  • New-style SSL-backed Perforce repositories are now supported (please read the release notes for details on getting this working).
  • Files moved in a Perforce repository using "p4 move" and posted with post-review in the upcoming RBTools 0.4.3 will now show up as moved in the diff viewer in a simpler, easier to read view.

See the release notes for more information.