There were a few headaches some of our users hit when upgrading to Review Board 1.7. Various edge cases we didn't see during testing, and we feel terrible about that. However, thanks to some great debugging and excellent feedback on our mailing list, we've been able to identify and fix some of these problems.

Review Board 1.7.1 is mostly a bug fix release that takes care of the following problems:

  • Upgrading very old (1.0/1.5/early 1.6 sites).
  • Upgrading sites using PostgreSQL.
  • Lack of documentation covering an important part of setting up the new static media configuration.

There is, however, a new feature from one of this winter's UCOSP students, Karl Leuschen, which introduces a checkbox when configuring a GitHub repository that automatically associates the configured SSH key with the repository, simplifying setup. We plan to bring this feature to other hosting services later.

Full release notes are available.